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Cookie of the Month

WOW!! It’s Here!

Blondie’s Cookies delivered every month to your door.  Who doesn’t love to get a package in the mail, especially Blondie’s Cookies.  Each month, you or your special recipient will enjoy a different mix of our homemade iced shortbread cookies, gourmet cookies, brownies and specialty bars.  Each Cookie is individually sealed for freshness and can be frozen to enjoy at your convenience.  For a description of each variety click on our Cookie Jar page.  For those of you who have never had our cookies, they are soft, chewy, and extra-large.  Each cookie weighs in at over 2 oz. and is 3 ¼” in diameter.  Each Iced Sprinkle Cookie is over 2 ½ oz. and is 3” in diameter and our bars are 3 ½ - 4 oz. or 1/4lbs. each.  Why so big you ask, well, I like to say I just had 1 cookie today how about you?  It's time to treat yourself today or surprise someone special with a once a month pick-me-up from Blondie’s.  Your cookie box is scheduled to arrive the 2nd week of each month.  Enjoy!! 

January: 5 Cheesecake Brownies, 5 German Chocolate Brownies

Febuary: 15 Vanilla Heart Sprinkles

March: 8 Lemon Sprinkles, 7 Cinnamon roll


April: 4 Choc. Chip, 3 Koko Kreams, 3 Koko Swirls, 3 Red Velvet


May: 7 Rainbow, 8 Wedding Cakes


June: 5 Double Fudge Brownies, 6 Peanut butter Cup Sprinkles


July: 5 Star Sprinkles, 6 S’More Bars


August: 18 Assorted (chip, doodle, M&M, white Choc., Oatmeal, P.Butter, Snickers, Double choc., Ch. Chip Pecan)


September: 4 Macadamia Chewies, 3 Peanut Butter chewies, 3 M&M Chewies


October: 8 Vanilla Sprinkles, 3 Reece Pieces, 4 Pumpkin Spice Sprinkles


November: 8 Pumpkin Spice, 7 Red Velvet


December: 15 Assorted Sprinkles (Vanilla, Koko Swirl, Koko Kream, Lemon, Cinnamon Roll, Peanut Butter Cup)


SHIPPING: $12.79/month (included in total price)


1 MONTH $31.00 + 12.79 = $43.79

3 MONTH ($29.99 + 12.79) x 3 =  $99.00 SPECIAL!!!

6 MONTH ($29.16 + 12.79) x 6 =  $251.70

9 MONTH ($28.50 + 12.79) x 9 =  $371.61

12 MONTH ($28.00 + 12.79) x 12 = $489.48



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