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Blondies Cookies

Blondie's Cookies
Gourmet Cookie Doughs
Ready to Eat Cookies & Brownies


Fundraising Now Available
( $$$ Sell our dough to make dough $$$)
40% Profit for your group or organization

Blondies Fundraisers

Inquire about Fundraising opportunities at 1-888-298-6820 or email us at [email protected]
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Why A Blondie's Cookies Fundraiser?

  • It's easy for your organization to sell
  • The PROFITS are great!! = 40%
  • No minimums required
  • No hidden cost or lost profits (sell any # of tubs, cookie jars, brownie trays, and cookies kits you get 40% profit off of total sales! No hidden fees or charges)
  • Proven successful

Why sell Blondie's Cookies dough? To make dough! $$ 40% profit $$ Call 1-888-298-6820