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"We have been using Blondie’s Cookies for our Spring corporate gift for several years now. Blondie’s is an amazing company to work with, their customer service is exceptional and personal, and the execution of our orders are always flawless. We have on more than one occasion had last minute addition to our custom orders, and they have always gone above and beyond to help us fulfill our requests with no detail left unattended. 

Our orders are very customized for our company, and the presentation of our brand is very well received not only by us, but by our clients as well. Not to mention, the cookies are THE BEST! Thank you, Blondie’s, for helping our company provide professional and delicious gifts to our clients, everyone looks forward to them every year." 

Michael Holmberg, Partner, WRA Architects  


"After eating one of the cookies, I was more excited than a dog with two tails. I may never have to bake cookies again. And these will make lovely gifts."

-Susan Douthart


“We chose to use Blondie’s Cookies one year as gifts to our teams because food items are always a big hit with them. We wanted to use someone local and Blondie’s was suggested. They were a huge hit with all of our recipients; their Thank You notes raved about the cookies. And I believe one of the NFL teams even started placing orders with Blondie’s. Definitely one of the better choices we made."

-Debbie Wiseman, Reebok/Adidas


"We received a box of Blondie's cookie's at work as a christmas present from a company that my husband does business with. I immediately feel in love and I ordered a box just for "us". They were delivered on Christmas Eve right in time for our family gathering, needless to say you now have a lot of fans over here in NY! Next, I surprised my husband with a gift box of heart shaped sprinkles for valentines day, they were gone the next day. I can't wait for the next special occasion so I can get my hands on more Blondie's Cookies. These are the best cookies ever! Absolutely delicious, melt in your mouth wonderful. I can't get enough."

-Cristin McGrath


“We purchased cookies as an appreciation gift for a client and Blondie’s was the first AND only thing that popped into my mind was Blondie’s cookies. The service was great and the Blondie’s team was very accommodating as always! Every last crumb was eaten!! Thank you for making my client happy”

-Mary Krosnjar, Account Manager - Team Sports TSMGI - Brand Enhancer, Chicago, IL (Chicago Bears, Soldier Field)


“I am traveling and on blackberry but will say best cookies around! Icing tops, cookie moist and dense. Perfection! Hubby is Hoosier and we give them for Christmas gifts each year to clients. They start asking in July for them, can u imagine? And individually wrapped? Pure genius!”

-Julie Swan, Quality Medical Services, Yardley, PA


"We have loved Blondie's delicious cookies since the day we discovered them in Ft.Wayne, Indiana. We were out on tour, and one of my singing partners, knowing that my favorite thing in the world was a sugar cookie with buttercream icing, brought me back a dozen to try because they "looked pretty good." Well, that was the understatement of a lifetime! Since my first bite of a Blondie's cookie, I have never put a better cookie in my mouth. All sugar cookies with buttercream pale in comparison to a Blondie's! We order them for ourselves at home, and our friends are delighted by their Blondie's for Christmas each year!  Much love and happiness, Shelley"

-Shelley Breen, Point Of Grace, Warner Brothers Recording Artist 


Our school has grown since the numbers came in from the first count(on our Fundraiser). We are literally just shy of 1000. I actually had to call the main number (the 1800) and request a few more packets as there was not enough. The gentleman I spoke to was amazing. He had the manager from Wiregrass on the phone and I was able to pick up the packets that night (about 2 hours later).  You do have the most incredible customer service!!!!"..."It has been so wonderful working with you. You have been amazingly patient and extremely helpful through out this entire process. It has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated."

-Lynette Hathaway, Turner Elementary School, Tampa, Florida 


Blondie’s Cookies are by far and away the best cookies I have ever had. As a self proclaimed cookie connoisseur, I am confident that you, too, will enjoy these rich, extraordinary cookies, as well. Professionally, the individuals who work at Blondie’s are amazing individuals who have assisted our own office in sending our company’s Christmas gifts to approximately 150 different locations yearly, for the past ten years. The quality and effort the employees put into their cookies and packaging is greatly appreciated. We will continue to enjoy and send the best cookies in the United States. Simply, I could not more highly recommend a cookie to anyone who enjoys eating cookies.

-Krieger W. Brasseale, D.D.S., M.S.D. Evansville Endodontics, Inc., Evansville, Indiana